venice san marcoThis is Venice! You will say “how pretty, we knew it already, nice discovery”. But we’d like to say a couple of words about a less-known Venice. A few days ago we admired a part of the town where we have never been before, and we recommend visiting this town if you haven’t done so. We went to “Fondamenta Arsenale”, the old place where they build the ships, and the “Ospedale”, which is the old hospital area. We arrived in St. Marco with the ferry, which we took from the train station. We enjoyed all the marvels that the Canal Grande offers until Piazza St. Marco. Then we had a long walk down Riva degli Schiavoni till we reached Fondamenta Arsenale.

venice fondamenta arsenaleIt was a nice stroll, but it was a bit chilly since an icy wind was blowing from Trieste, and made our nose and ears turn red!

venice arsenaleOne of towers which marks the entrance to the Arsenale.

venice furlaniWalking through the streets towards Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, we passed by a street named “Fondamenta dei Furlani”. Apparently some people from our region set home here a long time ago.

venice toniToni wearing his favourite Russian hat, checking the surroundings for a suitable restaurant.

venice mercedeMercede found a bunch of balloons to grab. On our way back we went again through Piazza St. Marco, and walking near the Doge’s Palace, Mercede shot some pictures of the heads of the columns of the porch. They are real marvels made by master sculptors, and often they are ignored by the masses of tourists. They have a different theme for each of the columns.

So in the end, Venice is not only Piazza san Marco and its surroundings, but so much more. It is worth to visit it district by district, many times. Oh, we almost forgot to say that it is much more convenient to go by train, becouse if you take the car you will naturally have to leave it outside the city, and the parking lot will be very costly.

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