The Grape Harvest 2014

The grape harvest 2014. Throughout the year, our vineyard was put to the test by the severe weather conditions of spring and summer. After a few days of sun, there was a chain of persistent rains, thunderstorms, and generally low temperatures and high humidity.
This has forced us to diligently work in our vineyard in order to obtainan acceptable final results. We have two types of vines:  Merlot (red wine) and  Verduzzo (white wine). After much loving care came the long-awaited moment, the harvest.
Emty TrolleyEarly in the morning we and our friends arranged to meet in the vineyard. Everything was ready to begin the harvest, the cart was prepared, the buckets lined up to be filled with grapes. Shortly after they arrived we started, first we collected Merlot then Verduzzo.

MerlotThe grapes of Merlot. They have a beautiful color and they are ripe. The berries are large and full of juice, and very sweet to taste.

Friends during harvestHere I am with some friends at work while harvesting Merlot. Even if it was early in the morning, you could feel the warmth of the sun. The cart is slowly filling with grapes.

Trolley fullAfter an hour the Merlot is all loaded on the cart. We then moved to collect Verduzzo. After about another hour, we finished and returned home with the entire harvest.

Merlot & VerduzzoThe cart full of grapes of Merlot and Verduzzo, ready to be squeezed.

HomeYet another day of duty for the glorious Fiat 411R, which despite its 51 years of hard work did the job without difficulties.

Lunch after harvest Noon arrived, so with our friends we got to the table for refreshments and a good drink of wine from the previous year.

Harvesting friendsFor us, the harvest day is mainly a moment of communion between friends, to chat and discuss various things in freedom. In the afternoon we squeezed the grapes, using the crusher device of our friend Carlo.

Squeezeing grapesMercede feeding grapes to the crusher, using a special fork with a lot of dents.

SquezzingThe cellar is ready with a press to squeeze the crushed grapes, and the stainless steel containers to be filled with the grape juice.

tinoThe vat is almost full of must Merlot, we have got about 470 liters. Verduzzo vines produced 350 liters. The results of the wine analysis were: Merlot 12.7 percent alcohol;  Verduzzo 13 percent alcohol

bicchieriThe beautiful color of our must. Now it will have to rest till March, except for some decanting to separate the wine from the scrap. After that, the wine will be filtered through special cardboard filters for the final cleaning.

Squeezing Verduzzo & Merlot

Fermentation Verduzzo & Merlot

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