Race for Haiti. Competitive and amateur cycling race.

The 23rd edition of the Race for Haiti will be held on May 24, 2015.
Where will it take place?

In Pradamano, with departure and arrival from the Rubia Park.

This year’s Race for Haiti is dedicated to the memory of the First World War. The race will lead first to Gorizia and then go through Pass Solarie and return to Pradamano, where there will be the official arrival. In this way we want to remember and honor the sacrifice of the many soldiers and civilians who spent their young lives for their country.

Rubia Park Pradamano

About a thousand cyclists are expected to join, along with their friends and families. We will also have the pleasure of hosting many sports journalists. The 23rd edition of the 2015 Race for Haiti has two tracks: the first reaches Podresca (near Castelmonte) and returns to Pradamano, has a length of 114 km and is meant for amateurs. The second one continues until Drenchia and then returns to Pradamano, has a length of 156 km and it’s for the competitive racers.
The route departing from Rubia Park will be mostly on flat land until the surroundings of Cividale. In this first part, there are two slopes: the first at Rosazzo, and the second at St. Florian. The real climb starts in Podresca and will reach 753 m at Prapotniza. At this point, the amateur group will return to Pradamano. The other group will continue by going down to St. Leonardo before having a second slope up to 603 m in Trinvio. Upon reaching Trinvio, the group will head back to Pradamano.

Origins of Race for Haiti.

The Race for Haiti started in 1992 with the purpose of supporting projects in favor of the island of Haiti, in particular the project “Girls of the road”, through the charity “Pane Condiviso” and the mission of Sister Angela, who supports girls by providing education, food and accommodation.

The island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea

We welcome you to Pradamano at Park Rubia on May 24, 2015 for this great sporting event.

Villa Ottelio