Lavender harvest

In front of the villa we have a lavender cultivation that we follow with care. In spring the plants begin to sprout, new jets of a beautiful deep green color, grow rapidly. The flower stems stretch up to 30 centimeters. Little by little the flower is created, but it still has an intense green color. After two weeks, the flowers begin to open; the characteristic purple petals change the appearance of our garden. At that point the garden takes on a beautiful purple color, and spreads around the pleasant scent of lavender.

During the flowering that begins in April, we have the pleasant visit of many guests: bees, bumblebees and many types of butterflies. All intent on sucking the nectar of flowers from morning to night. In the surroundings the characteristic buzzing of the flights they undertake in passing from one flower to another expands. As the night approaches, almost everyone leaves, but many remain on the plants to rest and resume work early in the morning.

Lavender cultivation

The cultivation of lavender does not bother us much, but it gives us a lot of satisfaction. In particular its perfume and its color during the flowering, fill the environment of our garden, making it unique and characteristic. Guests of our Bed and Breakfast, relax amidst the scent and colors of our lavender.

Last July, we collected lavender in bunches, and put it to dry in the attic, in a dark and airy environment. At the end of October, Lavender is well dried and ready to be further processed. At that point, the ginning and cleaning is done to obtain a fragrant grit, with which they are made of pretty bags that we offer to our guests in memory of the stay at our Bed and Breakfast.

Villa Ottelio