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By: April 28, 2019 News from B&B


This is Venice! You will say “how pretty, we knew it already, nice discovery”. But we’d like to say a couple of words about a less-known Venice. A few days ago we admired a part of the town where we have never been before, and we recommend visiting this town if you haven’t done so. […]

By: April 12, 2019 News from B&B

In memory of my grandpa

In memory of my grandpa While we were writing the best wishes to our friends and B&B guests for the upcoming Christmas Holidays, we remembered Paolo Rumiz and Alessandro Scillitani. Last May we had the pleasure to host them in our bed and breakfast. To our surprise they were very humble and down-to-earth. Paolo Rumiz […]

By: March 27, 2019 News from B&B

The Grape Harvest 2014

The Grape Harvest 2014 Throughout the year, our vineyard was put to the test by the severe weather conditions of spring and summer. After a few days of sun, there was a chain of persistent rains, thunderstorms, and generally low temperatures and high humidity. This has forced us to diligently work in our vineyard in […]

By: March 27, 2019 News from B&B

Lavender harvest

Lavender harvest In front of the villa we have a lavender cultivation that we follow with care. In spring the plants begin to sprout, new jets of a beautiful deep green color, grow rapidly. The flower stems stretch up to 30 centimeters. Little by little the flower is created, but it still has an intense […]

By: March 25, 2019 News from B&B

Our vineyard

Our vineyard We are fortunate to own a small vineyard nearby our home. Since we bought it in 1963, we never stopped taking care of it and harvesting the grapes to make wine for us and our friends. To have a good, ripe grapes, you begin with pruning the vines during the last weeks of […]

By: March 25, 2019 News from B&B

Our Bed and Breakfast

Our bed and breakfast Our bed and breakfast offers three double bedroom, that can host up to eight persons. In the suite, besides the double bed we can add two single beds and a cradle for babies. The rooms are all at the first floor, and each has its own private bathroom. At the ground […]

By: March 25, 2019 News from B&B

Race for Haiti

Race for Haiti. Competitive and amateur cycling race. The 23rd edition of the Race for Haiti will be held on May 24, 2015. Where will it take place? In Pradamano, with departure and arrival from the Rubia Park. This year’s Race for Haiti is dedicated to the memory of the First World War. The race […]

By: March 17, 2019 News from B&B

Alpe Adria bike path

Alpe Adria bike path Since a few years, the Alpe Adria bike path passes just in front of our B&B. This bike path connects Salzburg in Austria to the small sea town of Grado in our region. It is one of the most spectacular bike tracks of North-East Italy and offers a marvellous mix of […]

By: March 16, 2019 News from B&B