Alpe Adria bike path

Since a few years, the Alpe Adria bike path passes just in front of our B&B. This bike path connects Salzburg in Austria to the small sea town of Grado in our region. It is one of the most spectacular bike tracks of North-East Italy and offers a marvellous mix of natural sceneries and peculiar villages. Biking tourists have a special place in our heart, because each time they stop by our place, they tell us amazing and funny stories about their trips. Until today, we have hosted groups coming from Salzburg, Vienna, and Munich. A married couple arrived even from Belgium after ten days of biking, final destination set to Trieste. Other guests told us that in 2014, they traveled by bicycle for a total 6500 km. Significant was the trip from Salzburg to Santiago de Compostela; 3300 km. Congratulations, really good.

Special bicycle

This is the oldest bike tourist we have had the pleasure to receive. Don’t be fooled like us by her appearance: she is eighty years old! She came from the region of Wuerttemberg from Germany, with a special bike. If that’s not grit, then I don’t know what else is. Also Toni and I have cycled Alpe Adria Radweg road Cycling for a short distance. We left from outskirts of Udine, along the whole stretch of Pradamano and Lovaria, continuing then to Pavia and Selvuzzis. Surely the most beautiful stretch of all is what leads from Udine to Pradamano. You cycle to fresh shadow line of trees next to the path. This stretch is much popular by cycling lovers as well as by walking people chatting and enjoying nature. You can check this yourself viewing the movie. It was a nice ride that made us discover new emotions, passing alongside vineyards with grapes next to maturity. Here we stopped near a field planted with barley when they were completing the threshing. We have seen a crucifix at the
side of the road and there we stopped for a little meditation. On the way back home, we crossed bicycle tourists that were riding toward Grado, the final destination of the journey that starts in Salzburg. With hand gestures, smiles and a “Ciao, have good trip” we greeted them all.

Villa Ottelio