Bed and Breakfast Villa Ottelio

The Bed and Breakfast Villa Ottelio, B&B Udine, is managed by my husband and myself. In this blog you will find information about interesting events and activities in our region Friuli Venezia Giulia. I also often talk about our garden, lavender cultivation, and the vineyard where we work for many months of the year and which gives us good Merlot and Verduzzo. A warm welcome is given to all our guests, especially the bikers that travel down the Alpe Adria Radweg from Salzburg to reach the sea at Grado. We are lucky that this bike track passes just in front of our B&B, and many of the bike travelers that stop at our place show us pictures from their trip and share their experience with us.

Coat of arms of the family

Brief history of Villa Ottelio.

Villa Ottelio was built in the seventeenth century, and so it has seen quite a few things, including the two World Wars where it was used as garrison by various armies. Inside its central part you can still admire the frescos of the painter Urbani. The picture on top shows the coat of arms of Count Ottelio and can be seen on the front side of the Villa, while reaching our B & B. heirs.

Villa Ottelio